You have probably noticed that most online casino games are specifically designed for Windows PCs. This is great news for the majority as most users have Windows installed on their computer. What does it mean for users of Macintosh systems? Are they allowed to join in on the online gaming experience. Well, a large number of online casinos make the claim that the instant versions of their gaming applications are compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms. These claims are supported by the fact that the games are in the form of Java or Flash applets and can be played from a web browser and do not need to be downloaded to your hard drive. Unfortunately for Mac users, this is not always the case.

Good News

You may wonder; what is the Mac user to do in this Windows-based computing world? Is there any way for them to find an online casino gaming platform that actually works on their computer? Thanks to recent innovations in technology, the number of online casinos that support Appleā€™s Macintosh computer is growing considerably. There are a few software developers that have created platforms guaranteed to support Mac computer users. In addition to this, more online casinos are working to improve their browser-based games to support Macintosh systems as well. Not too a long, it was virtually impossible for Mac users to get in on a piece of the online gambling action. And even though Windows remains dominant, the growing number of online casinos that support Macs gives users of the Apple system plenty to be excited about.

If you were to perform a Google search on Mac-based online casino sites or software, you might be surprised at the number of relevant results you get back. In fact, there are a number of online poker sites that are specifically designed for this platform; no Windows users allowed. There are also quite a few sites that offer casino software compatible with all three major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You heard it right. Those who prefer the open-source Linux platform can now join in on the excitement of online gambling. These users can take their shot at popular games that range from poker and bingo to slots and roulette.

A Word of Advice to Mac Users

When shopping for online casino sites, it is recommended that you take the time to read a few reviews to see what other users have to say about them. If Mac is the system running on your computer, you definitely need to find out if the site supports it. Once you have this out of the way, it is important to go over all the basics such as making sure the casino site is secure and the gaming platform stable. The online gaming community is rapidly opening up its arms to Mac users so get out there and take your shot at the jackpot. Most importantly, be safe and have fun with the game of your choosing.